Here I am setting up the mission parameters. Waypoint locations, heights and speed.


Here is Roaddog1 approaching a waypoint.


At the final waypoint it just hovered, somehow it lost gps and I no longer had control with the ground station. I was stumped so I just waited for it to run out of power and land itself.



When it finally ran out of power it did not land itself as I thought it would. I would have tried to catch it, however the props were still turning and it came down fast. Harder landing that I would have liked but the only damage seems to be the already damaged gimbal.


After wiping it off and rebooting, gps came back on and locked so I wanted to make sure it was able to fly and relaunched it.


I only flew it enough to see it was back to having the gps working and still able to get off the ground. I am going to remove the gimbal and try this same waypoint flight again this evening. I will of course set the elevations down low enough to avoid the problems I experienced here. I will hard mount the camera and hopefully remember to turn it on for that test. If it works I will post the video below.