Copter Design

Ever since I started flying I have paid close attention to my copters and how they fly. These flights have led me to beleive I can design a decent, well flying copter. As I have stated before the Turbo Ace x830 I am flying is slightly top heavy. That inspired me to try and design a new landing gear for it. The skid I designed, I prototyped with my laser out of 1/8" particle board. The precision of the assembly was not perfect but it went together well and attached to my copter nicely. When I took it for a flight it balanced well and made for a much more stable landing than the carbon rod setup that comes stock. It does add a few ounces to the weight which does affect the flight time slightly but not enough to really matter. It was proof of concept for me and just what I needed to inspire the designing of some pretty cool copters. Maybe I will design my own line. Anyone got some dough?


Here is the latest and greatest. I have been saying for a while that I was going to design my own line of drones, so now not only have a designed a few, I have prototyped the frames as and engineered them as well. As soon as we get enough money to add the electronics we will be flying these and see how they handle. Who knows maybe we can do it.



x830 base prototype

Here is the prototyped X830 landing base I created with my laser and some 1/8" mdf. It flew well and landed in a much more stable way than the stock carbon fiber rod landing skid. I can easily remove half the screws that I have here and that will lighten it up a bit.

I am currently looking into prices for custom carbon fiber plate, to see if we can make a real product. This proved my concept and has inspired me to design a complete copter, which you can see below.


Here is my first design for a hex copter. I will be pricing it out to see how much to make one and if I can pull it off we will be flying it soon.


Let me know what you think.