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I have recently expanded my 3d modeling, rendering and animation services to include site documentation through photos, video and now we are taking to the air. This site is dedicated to showing off my aerial photography and videos. The most current links will be at the top.




If you have ever visited this site before, Sorry we have been away so long. The first part of my drone experience had mixed results to say the least. I spent a lot of money on my custom made drone that we refered to as Roaddog1. Unfortunetly the vision I had for what I wanted to do with the drone never fully materialized and the finances did not allow me to justify the upkeep on that particular drone. So now after a year of being away I have been able to scrimp and save my nickels and dimes and got a new better drone. With technlogy moving so fast it did not take long for the DJI Phantom and its newest capabilities to catch up with what I wanted to do. I have always loved the idea of autonomous flight with me framing the shot. So without further blathering by me lets take a look at the new drone.
The DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus, It has its own camera and 3 axis gimbal, capable of full 1080 hd video, 14 megapixel stills, autonomous flight and incredible heights. The version 3 controller has a knob that can control the gimble for full 90 degree tilt.  

It is an unbeleivable pleasure to fly my new drone. If you are familiar with this site you are aware of the misadventure I had been on with the other drone. This drone is very stable in flight and landing it is a breeze. The other drone was a little top heavy and dinked landings and rollovers were a daily occurance. Not to mention I never got the gimbal balanced quite right. This new drones gimbal is balanced right out of the box and it recalibrates itself each time you turn it on.

Well done DJI!!!

  Here is an example of what kind of video we will be getting from this drone. It is also an autonomous flight with 3 waypoints. It is exciting that I am going on to a whole new chapter of drone aviation.


Everything below this banner is the first part of my drone adventures. As much as I loved Roaddog1 it proved to be large and cumbersome, difficult to fly and top heavy enough to constantly topple over when landing. I spent far too much money but in the end it was a good learning experience. Besides I have some very hi end components and can easily mount them on a high end frame. When the budget allows I will take care of it. Maybe the spreading wings or similar. (Oh to dream)



I purchased my Custom made Turbo Ace X830 from wowhobbies.com in Orange California. They did a great job and their entire staff has been great. Special thanks to Jeff, Kyle and Tony. Their willingness to think outside the box has provided me with a great little drone. Learn more at www.wowhobbies.com

The drones are here!

The worlds technology is expanding at an incredible rate, and it is making not only the hobby world a more exciting place for all of us geeks, but it is bringing possibilities to all aspects of the profesional world as well. Aerial photography, site surveys, inspections, real estate videos and stock video clips for sale are just some of the ways I plan on using it.

The drone I purchased (seen at the left) was a Turbo Ace x830 and I got all the bells and whistles with it. It can fly hundreds of feet into the air and further away from my remote control than I can see it. It has an advanced gps flight controler that includes autonomus flight missions with a range in excess of 7 miles. It has photogrametry tools with preprogramed templates for site surveys and more. Combined with todays 3d technologies I will be able to photograph from the air and generate a 3d model from the photos. (I will be bringing you an example of that real soon.) It is an exciting time to be flying these things and I have even started designing some real cool multirotors myself. Take some time and explore my site, I think you will find it interesting. Click on the pictures to see the videos, photos or whatever is at the end of the link. Then imagine how we can apply this technology to your project.



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So you want to learn how to fly? Muti Rotor Designs Photos from the Air Archives


Hansen Dam

Most Current Video- November 15, 2013

Just trying to get some flight time in. Here is a nice little video flying at Hansen Dam in the Lake View Terrace area of the San Fernando Valley, just outside of Los Angeles. I got the gimble balanced a little better but I am still not happy.

October 4, 2013

I got a chance to stay at Arcosanti, Paulo Soleri's dream city in central Arizona. I decided to take a quick flight. The winds were a little tricky and the dam gimble is really acting up but some nice aerials none the less.




September 16, 2013

Youtube video anouncing the completion of phase 1 for our new Roaddog Drones. We have completed the design, engineering and prototyping of our frames and are seeking the funding to take them to phase 2- Design Development and Flight testing. Keep you fingers crossed that we are flying them soon.


September 7, 2013

I could not beleive it has already been a month since I have flown my Drone. So Lynn and I took a little drive out to Corral canyon in Malibu today and got in some air time. This is also the first time I have flown with the new gimbal and while it needs some adjustments I was very pleased. I am finally getting the feel for for my drone and Have made some basic adjustments to the landing skid so it has a little better lateral support and smoother landings. Don't forget to check out my muti-rotor designs link above because I have been very busy designing some real cool birds and I am going to see if we can actually wire them up and fly them so stay tuned for that whole series of videos. I hope you enjoy todays offering and come back soon.

training 9-7-13



August 11, 2013

I have had a couple of projects lately and have been extremly busy so while I have flown since the last post it was in the same old parks as my earlier videos so I have not posted them. I also have not put the new gimbal on yet I just want some air time before I try that one again. For todays offering I returned to a couple of the places I filmed with my Parrot drone. Nothing fancy about the flying but each and every time you fly the confidence builds.

I have also played around with some designs for multi rotor copters and will post those for peoples comments. Take a look at them here.


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